Vice or versa

I bet reading that blog with Google translator can be quite funny, vice versa. Here is what I did today: started playing Rift while Sune, baby, was sleeping. Have to mention that she is, thankfully, very good at it. Then it was time for me to visit my doctor at Fertilitas (prolly the best and most expensive private clinic in .ee) . For my disappointment there IS a difference if you pay – you get some extra shoulder pats to comfort you if needed. Not like in the city clinic where I expected more (where Sune was born) from personal who should do their job because they like it, not because of the pure benefits. Ohh well, C’est la vie! Anyways, to go to the doc I organised my teen-sister to help me out with the baby. She came to my place and so we went, passed the stunt-park on the way. She was so excited: sure, there are cool boys to watch but I left her with the perambulator hangin’n’chillining at another park and expected them to go and have a walk, not a talk. When I returned she was where I left her, not an inch moved and talking to few guys from her school – she must have familiar boys in every park! Interesting age that is, 13. But Sune was happy and so was she – future nanny, that’s my grinny planny.

Life must be in harmony right. So I’ll start another feature in my blog:
Negative point: Facebook and all those messages that can be blue.
Positive point: Those schoolmates asked: am I my sisters mom and why do I look 20 then?
In the end: LOL.


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